The Story

This is a story of the tragic desecration of sacred Native American land, on the doorstep of Los Angeles. 2,000 years ago Serrano Indians occupied the beautiful mountain landscape of Big Bear Valley, California. They worshipped a huge dome of pure white rock called “God’s Eye” believing it to be the eye of their creator god, Kruktat, looking down upon them. In the 1850’s the Serranos were brutally chased out of their homelands by ranchers from the valley below, angry at attacks on their homesteads. The California gold rush soon brought Miners into the valley and with it man’s lust for wealth and survival. Believing there to be gold in God’s Eye’s brilliant white quartz, the miners dynamited it to pieces. After sifting through the rock, they realized there was no gold present and God’s Golden Eye had been destroyed. Film maker Ian Murphy takes us on a journey back in time to discover what this mysterious white rock meant to the Indians, why the Miners blew it up and what God’s Eye’s message is for us today.